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Compatible with the new iphone cases iphone 4 and iphone 4s

The news comes from our colleagues at TechCrunch and they report that they consider this case already mentioned in my hands, then test for this in some detail. According to the description of this product will offer a total of three extensions. On the one hand, the iphone 4s cases will be provided with an unlock (jailbreak required) and on the other side, a second SIM slot provided. The case also includes an extra battery or to increase the running time again.
The operation is relatively easy to understand. Course is necessary for full use of a jailbreak. When this has been done, the so-called "Vooma app" is downloaded, which you can then make calls. The function call actually differs little from the intrinsic function to carry out phone conversations. So the whole thing should be known.

With the extra battery that is in the case, sees the iPhone out, by design, of course, no longer as appealing. For this you get an extra battery power donated but that should not be ignored.
Furthermore, the use of a second SIM card is to be considered positive, for people who like to wear two different phones with it. Through this case could be the use of two smartphones will be superfluous.
The new iPhone case is with both the iPhone 4 and 4S with the Cheap iphone 4 cases compatible. But since the iPhone 4S can not yet be provided with a jailbreak that this application is of course very limited. For this reason, 4S iPhone users must still wait a bit. However, this product was not published, so at this point also needs to wait only once.