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Tobacco industry, tobacconists, business of the manufacturers, the vape shops feel more and more threatened. What can we do about it?
There are about 2,500 vape shops in France. With the regulations of the last few years, a sort of "sorting out" has naturally taken place, even if there are still a few "guignols", the majority of the shops are run by serious people, very involved, for the most part ex-smokers, who know their customers and the products they offer perfectly, who give the best advice to beginners and confirmed steamers.
Thanks to the shops, the vape developed in France, and in a few decades we will be able to count the lives saved thanks to them. What could be more virtuous? Yet they now feel very clearly threatened. Why? What can we do about it?

Tobacco industry

If the tobacco industry has not been able to take over the French vape market, it is largely thanks to the vape shops that have ensured a real presence for consumers. They have helped to bring to life the "free vape" and "independent" spirit that resonates and is cultivated among vapers, especially in social networks and associations. We do not want (more) the tobacco industry.
Vamp shops are therefore clearly in the spotlight of the tobacco industry. They will do everything they can to eliminate this frontal "resistance" to the entire tobacco system and in particular to the distribution network of tobacconists through which should pass naturally HIS business of the vape.
A few years ago, we even saw a buralist sue a shop of vape for unfair competition. But there's worse! Very recently in Italy, the network of tobacconists has managed to obtain a monopoly on vape... As in the case of tobacco. You might as well say the immediate death of the vape shops.
Given the current government's attitude, how can we not imagine that this idea is not hanging around the corridors? The Minister of Health, who still refuses to meet with the associations of vape, regularly talks to the tobacconists. Wouldn't it be a good idea to "give up" them in exchange for coercive measures on tobacco? Obviously the question arose. You mustn't be naive. The power of the network of tobacconists is a threat to vape shops. There are 26,000 tobacco shops in France, 10 times as many as flippers!

Manufacturers of e-liquid materials

Development rhymes with entrepreneurship. Several French manufacturers distribute their products via tobacco shops. Not to be naïve either, it's a B to B market that cannot be ignored. Unless there is a "pact" (is it legal?) between all manufacturers, French and foreign, it is impossible to envisage a boycott of tobacco companies.
Knowing that if the "independent" manufacturers refused to supply the tobacconists, who would have "red carpet" to implant their products? The tobacco industry of course! From a health and ethical point of view, what is best for consumers? Products from the independent vape industry or products from the tobacco industry...
There is also the problem of territorial "networking". With only about 2,500 specialized vape shops, some consumers do not have easy access to vape. So the tobacco shop unfortunately remains a fallback solution, especially for people who do not want to buy on the Internet.
Vape shops: experience, advice and independence
There is no substitute for the expertise of vape specialists. Whether in the shop, or even on the Internet, serious fad shops have a considerable lead over tobacco shops. Moreover, they can guarantee the quality of their products (? tobacco industry) and they allow the consumer to be in a "benevolent" space out of the reach of cigarettes.
It does indeed seem completely absurd to have to go into a tobacco office to stop smoking. It's like forcing an alcoholic ex-alcoholic to go drink glasses at a bar counter with all the bottles at hand.
The legitimacy of vape shops is therefore indisputable. But the threats are serious, so what can we do?

Claim status and benefits for vape shops

If they want to survive, the vape shops better come together and go into "offensive" mode. Of course you can say "it's not fair","it's not normal", but just whining is no use. The bullets will come from everywhere and if the professional traders of the vape are not able to unite and organize themselves to resist, the years to come are likely to be very difficult.
FIVAPE is working on an AFNOR standardisation. The project was presented at the last Vapexpo: The role of shops, towards professionalization? Whether with this or any other solution, the constitution of a true "corporation" is an essential element to act and claim.
And ask what? Then we can speculate. Here are some concrete, utopian or eccentric ideas? Nothing is impossible, except for those who ask for nothing:
A boycott of manufacturers who work with tobacconists: a violent, short-sighted solution that is neither in the interests of consumers nor in the interests of faggots. There are 26,000 tobacconists, that would be the best way, not only to get through the mishaps in the tobacco offices completely, but also to weaken all the small manufacturers with a network of mishaps shops that will probably have weakened by depriving themselves of brands and references sought by consumers.
A monopoly on vape products: a radical solution, which would immediately boost the opening of many shops. This would be a very legitimate claim against the monopoly of the tobacconists. Logically, why for them and not for the vape shops? Even to pharmacists who have a monopoly on nicotine substitutes.
A VAT exemption for vape shops: to make it simple, vape would cost 20% less at specialised retailers. This would not prevent the tobacconists from selling vape, nor would it prevent the manufacturers from working with them. With regard to the State, this would amount to only 80 million euros (on the basis of an annual market turnover of 400 million euros). Barely 3 days of tax revenues on tobacco. This immediate "cost" would be frankly insignificant compared to the thousands of potential smokers who could still be saved by the shops. What is more, with lower prices, therefore easier access and an extremely positive public message. The VAT is being lowered to improve energy expenditure in housing, so why not lower the number of smokers?
A reimbursement of the health insurance: as for substitutes, ask for the possibility of reimbursing up to 150 € of products and equipment, as long as they are sold by a specialist retailer and the consumer can issue a medical certificate with carbon monoxide test which proves that he has stopped smoking...
Acting to move forward...
One thing is certain, if the vape shops do not organize themselves, they will have nothing and will only "suffer" the order of things. Darwin is still watching...
The benefits for the dunnists are unbelievable considering the damage to public health caused by their profession! Plan for the future with millions of euros in subsidies, monopoly on the French gaming industry, advantages on the press, tax stamps, Nickel bank with opening an account from the age of 12 (welcome young people in tobacco offices!!), etc. I surely forget about it. How did they get all this? How did they manage to make them so essential that even the Minister of Health has to address them in order to be able to implement the fight against tobacco use in France?
How? By organising themselves, making requests, proposing ideas, asserting their legitimacy... The vape shops in France today represent the N°1 network for reducing risks in the face of the scourge of smoking. It's time for it to be known loud and clear. And it's time for respect!