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Harry Potter promote economic development

The derivatives of Harry Potter, such as Harry Potter's encyclopedias, Harry Potter signature glasses, image brooch of magic family, time flies machine, etc.
"You are a magician, Harry." Ten years ago, these words decided a extraordinary film trip of a British boy, it also started a new achieve rich legend. During the past decade, Time Warner turned Rowling's best-selling book, "Harry Potter" into a industry of a number areas which across movies, video games, toys, theme park. There are statistics indicating that "Harry Potter" is a huge industrial chain which lifted the economies of scale up to $ 200 billion. In this chain, the derivative product revenue accounted for approximately 70% of the total.

But in China, the development of related industries is not perfect in the film industry; about 80% of revenue depends on the box office. Ning who engaged in research and development of the derivatives said derivatives development of Chinese film and television industry still in its infancy."Cultivate a brand needs accumulate for years; our local brand awareness is not enough. The mode of operation and creativity level are differently from the West, it is not a permanent solution to reliance too much on the movie box office receipts and government support. "

Game: a new round of upsurge

The theme games of Harry Potter also create the output value of approximately ten billion dollars. In VGC2010 annual game sales statistics, the 24th "Lego Harry Potter 1-4 year" sold about 3.95 million units, for a low audience of young game, such sales should be called impressive. Sales of the game which produced by Lucas Arts defeated the "A Fistful of Dollars" and the same kinds of "Super Mario Galaxy 2" in the UK platform of July 2010.The adventure Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Pendant" theme park of Universal's islands create a magical world for Harry Potter fans in reality. The theme park based on the books and movies to build, the park was formally opened in 2010, started Harry Potter theme hot tide tourism.

Video: box office revenue set record

From the first "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" in 2001 to "the end" which split into two episodes film "Harry - Potter and the Deathly Hallows". The series of films not only opens the imagination Kingdom gateway for global fans, they also record the highest record of the franchise grossing film .During the past decade, eight of the"Titanic Heart of the Ocean Necklace
movies have accumulated more than $22.34 billion box office in the United States today. It breaks the record of $ 2.218 billion at the box office that "Star Wars" series of films set in, becomes the highest grossing film series in the history of the United States.

Harry Potter's book: Global sales break 400 million

Ten years on, the sales of Harry Potter books is impressive, seven original works have been translated into 60 languages, including Hebrew, ancient Greek, these book's global sales overcome more than 400 million. If calculate in the entire book series, Harry Potter is the third circulation of paper books in the world. If calculate in pamphlet, the first book of the series, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" accumulated sales reached 1.07 one hundred million, ranked the sixth in the world. The finale of the series, "Harry - Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” is creating in effect at January 11, 2007 and on sale globally at July 21. Before the book release, it has already fifty hundred thousand bookings, breaking the pre-sale of books record. On the day of release, it sold fifteen million, breaking the sales record of the books debut release.

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