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Trust Me

img_150937​_1-1805794​44Main Characters: Janne, Tiia and Mico Ahonen.
Places: Finland, Paris and Switzerland.
Kind of story: drama.
Language: English.
Rating: R
Ended: yes
Story: Janne retired from the competitions. Tiia decides that it's time to spend time in family. She organises ski holiday. But Janne doesn't know exactly why he doesn't want to come. He has a bad feeling. Is he right?
Here you can read the beginning of the story:
I have never experienced such a bad winter. The season started badly and the four hills tournament was a catastrophe. After this event I caught a bad flue like in 2005. I was unable to train and to jump for one month. It was hard to watch the competitions at TV. Friday 28th of January after having drunk much alcohol, my father had a bad car crash. On Saturday morning he died. I had just enough time to say him goodbye. At this time I was very weak.And the following week was very difficult. The coach wanted that I started the training but my mind was not ready. Ski jumping was so far in my preoccupations. I started to train after the burial of my father. The week after, I participated to my first competition since one month and a half. In the newspaper I could read “The return of the eagle”. But I wasn’t an eagle... I had lost my motivation. I wasn’t the same jumper.

At the end of the month of February my best friend Tami became depressed. A sad story. He ended his career the previous winter and got a job in a good company. But the job was too demanding. He started to make mistakes. Also at home it was difficult with Piia. And he started to drink. Too much. At work it was worse and worse. One day his boss told him that it was the end of the adventure. Piia was furious that Tami loses his job. And the depression started. I tryed to help him but it was hard. I took care of Tami during the first weeks. He was more important than ski jumping. But Tiia was not very happy that I spent so much time with him and not with her.

At the end of the season I made a hard decision: to end my carrier. It was not a surprise for a lot of people, but hard to admit. In April Spring started with sun and then rain of two weeks. Like if it was not enough bad news, I caught another flue. This one was very bad. I spent three days at the hospital and lost some weight. And now I still feel weak.

If you want to read the end of the fiction, write me an email: ptitpou85@yahoo.fr