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Poison Mortel

img_150942​_1-1805838​b1Main Characters: Janne and Tiia Ahonen, Sanna and Tami Kiuru
Places: Lahti and Helsinki.
Kind of story: drama.
Language: English.
Rating: R (Soft version) and NC-17 (Original version)
Ended: soft version yes, original version no.
Story: Janne Ahonen has huge money problems. He doesn't know how to solve them. Once he makes the biggest mistake of his life: he borrows some money to the Snake, a kind of gangster. But the Snake wants the money back for Wednesday night. Janne has four days to find the money. Will he find it on time?

Here you can read the beginning of the story:
It was already late. It was Saturday. All the Finns were out in bars, discos or clubs. In the streets there were a lot of people. Some were drunk, very drunk. A man found enough space to park his small car in a dark and narrow street. He locked it and walked during twenty meters. He breathed deeply before to knock at a door and waited. He was stressed but he hid it as much as possible. “Yeah! What is it?” A voice was coming from the other side of the door. “The Eagle. I have a package for The Snake.” The door opened and the man disappeared behind it. All was dark inside. At the back of the room there was a squared table under a soft light. Someone was sat in the shadow. “Do you have my money, Eagle?” He asked. “I have only the half. I promise I will give you the other half soon.” The Eagle tried to justify. “Give me the envelop.” The Eagle put it on the table. The Snake took it and counted the money. “Wednesday. Midnight. It’s your last chance. And you must have all the money. Not only the half. I want 50.000 Euros. See you Wednesday. Bye.”
The Eagle left the building and drove his car in another street, in the centre, in the light. Then he walked to the nearest bar. He ordered a glass of vodka. He drank it and ordered another one. It was strong but not enough to forget. The Snake was someone dangerous. If he didn’t find the money he or his family could have serious problems. The Snake was able to kill. The Eagle was scared. He should find a solution. After the third glass of vodka he ordered a beer. A lot of young people were in that noisy bar. They seemed to have a lot of fun. They looked happy. But the Eagle didn’t want to laugh or to spend time with drunken people. He looked at them carefully like if he was looking for someone.
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