A Prince blocked in a female body(?)

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To be honest, since I was far away from this site many things had happened during these 4 years. . . Now I'm reading previous entries I wonder ''That entry is about ''her'' ?'' One of these persons was one of my ex girlfriends, the disappeared one. Never I broke up with her due this fact and then I started another relationship and it just last 6 months of 2017. The rest is history and it made me feel bad right now because I've lost a friend someone by her inmaturity, she got struck on her path and I walked away because I needed grow up, just be myself again.

But if I remember again the previous ex gf, before the former (and current ex one), still is confused for me. It's like she never went away but at the same time she did and I have to walk my own path again, in the distance... Far away from my two beloved girls, is hard but I have to do. At least, for me and for the disappeared one. I don't remember exactly why in my previous post I wrote about her like she was died or gone forever althought is true I didn't know about her in 5 years and is possible I couldn't know about her in many ways and several months. . . It feels like she is gone to be honest but I have to walk my own path, more than before, now. I have to do it for myself and for her because I know she would love I grow up and get more mature, surely that would be her intentions if she could see me now. So, I won't fall to my honour and possible her intentions.
Not now, not in this minutes, nor days, nor months. I have to do it! ! !

... It's not easily to deal with.
She wasn't only my roleplay partner, also she was my friend and my sister for me.
I've lost her this last month and sometimes it's hard to figure out that I have no time to be sad, only for her.

Always I'll remember her... Forever.

Sometimes I would like have another life but good. I guess I can't complain in at all about the one I'm having, right?
*sighs softly*
I'm tired about many stuff but I don't need flow on with the rest of people. Really, really. . . I don't need it in at all. I'm fine being myself so don't mess with me family. I don't stand when you do it. Understands it?!

Yup. First time writting here and I without know exactly HOW to face my older fandoms... Those whose existence I had the lucky to know when I was teenager.
So, how to face them when you know exactly they're going to get an final? Like... Initial D. I watched the anime series for years, since I was 15 years old and now the next season ('14 Japan; Summer 2014 Argentina) is the FINAL STAGE?! So, how?!
Sincerely this makes me a little bit sad but there is an refrain what says ''Not all dure forever''. So, someday it means has to finish as well and good, you know... When an manga got an anime adaptation for many anime series and it finally finish definitely is when the anime reached the manga storyline. So, IniD I'll miss you after the next year ;u;

By the way. . . Still I'm in feels due Free! final chapter. Really, I enjoyed it and I hope soon got more from the light novel ''High Speed''. Tehehe~, I enjoyed that story and their characters seriously... They always reminded from Tsuritama's characters (fandom = where you love everyone, it's impossible hate someone(?)).

So, I think for now I'm a little bit done after write this notes.

Have a nice day~ ^^