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Ashley Tisdale - Masquerade

Hip shaker, dream maker, heartbreaker, earth quaker
 I can be anything that you want me to
 Coin spender, mind-bender, jet-setter, go-getter
 Change my getup for anything you choose
 I don't mind trying on someone else
 I won't mind seeing how it felt
 I might to change my disguise
 To make you happy
 Here's my formal invintation
 You and me go masquerading
 Lose ourselves in this charading
 Is this love we're imitating
 Do we want what we go
 If not I say so what
 Here's my formal invintation
 You can be my
 School teacher, dream weaver, mind reader, just be the
 One I can count on to play it out whit me
 Hot waiter, cool skater, trailblazer, pulse raise
 Naughty or nice-whatever you want to be
 You wanna try someone else
 You might like seeing how it felt
 Do you mind changin your disguise
 To make me happy
 We'll make it fun when it's over and done
 I still want you to see the reel me
 No more disguise, let true love decide if
 We should be...together
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Mil36in 10 juillet 2010 à 01h35
sympa la photo!
10 juillet 2010 à 01h38
je trouve aussi !!!
02 mars 2011 à 18h52
jador cette chanson
04 mars 2011 à 17h16
Ouais c'est une de mes prèféré !